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Rouge chaud

Rouge chaud is the first title in a series of three booklets I made, trying to reconcile the concepts of gender dysphoria and natural disasters. Text is in french, and the prose is a bit too hard to translate, sadly, but non-french speakers can still apreciate the artwork and general ambiance of the piece.

Rouge chaud is about the intimate, scorching and messy biological process of menstruation, and how it might relate to the deep volcanic mecanisms of our planet.

Clemence sanches couv2


Clemence sanches rch 1t

Page I (Primary magma)

Clemence sanches rch 2t

Page 2 (Lithic fragments)

Clemence sanches rch 3t

Page 3 (Slag)

Clemence sanches rch 4t

Page 4 (Mound)

Clemence sanches rch 5t

Page 5 (Volcanic Organ)

Clemence sanches rch 6t

Page 6 (Caldera)